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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

2008F1 Automated Electrical Pressure/Vacuum Pump

If you're a consultant, commercial enterprise or research facility having to service multiple soil water samplers at a multitude of locations, this is the tool. The 2008 provides the easiest way to service each location with fast, large volume vacuum capabilities, and can quickly develop the needed "sample" push pressures. A welcome helper for reducing labor in your sampler servicing field work.

The Electric Pressure Vacuum Pump is a battery-operated combination pump, with 2 sealed lead acid batteries for a total continuous working time of 5 hours. With both pressure and vacuum gauges (Pressure 0-100 psi; with max pressure setting. Vacuum 0-100 cbar). Comes with a number of features including readout dials for both pressure and vacuum ports, a pressure regulator and a valve for controlling speed to pressurization or vacuum creation. Quick connects on the pump console and on output connection hose assemblies provided for easy and trouble free connection. Comes complete with inline filter, two 3-foot (91cm) hoses and output assemblage with readout dials and control valves. All encased in a portable, splash proof, pelican carrying case.


For applications in:
• Pore Water Sampling
• Environmental Monitoring
• Mining

Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: 48.26 X 38.1 X 17.8 cm (19 X 15 X 7 inches)

Includes 220V Battery Charger.
Batteries: 12Ah each (Two batteries)